Amora Answers a Few Questions – Redux

My name is: Amora

My nickname: Girly Girl, Nosey Butt, Explora Amora (there are still more to come, I’m sure)

My breed is: Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix (Who really knows?)

My age is: Let’s say 1 year plus

My favorite human food is: Anything Tom and Patty are eating

My biggest fear is: Disembodied voices/sounds in the other side of the backyard fence.  Patty and Tom won’t come back. (But they always do.)

My favorite thing to do is: Snuggle, followed by chewing stuff

My favorite toy: Bumpy bones, but Green Baby is gaining momentum (I loved Green Baby to shreds.)

What I hate most: Getting my paws dried after backyard visits

Where I sleep: In my big bed, which I kindly share with favorite people (see pictures below)

Do I love car rides? Love? No. They still confuse me a bit. They are getting better, though since I have my own carseat.

Do I snore? Maybe…