Amora Update – 4 week progress report


The behaviors you might associate with a puppy are in Amora. She’s just figuring out when it’s okay to show them. Each day she gets a little braver.

In the first weeks she…

  • came out of her box on her own. No more using the pillow at the bottom of the kennel as a sled to get her out.
  • nibbled on my fingers.
  • jumped of the sofa to follow me. Then she followed me into the hall.
  • began to wag her tail, albeit cautiously.
  • started offering puppy licks
  • discovered the bed was more comfortable than her box

In the last week she:

  • made the hallway her racetrack, where she darts one direction, skids and turns to run the other way, then heads back.
  • discovered the joy that is a belly rub.
  • was very good in her first bath and came out the softest dog ever.
  • had her first nail trim without any muss or fuss

Now she is all about romping and playing and puppy licks and tail wags.

While he still won’t go into any new rooms or walk on a hard surface, we have no doubt that she will one day soon. (Edited 3/9: She did come into my office. There may have been treats involved.)

We are so proud of our girl. And as proud puppy-parents, we offer you pictures.

Is there anything quite as cute as a sleepy puppy?


Oh…the ears!


In true puppy form, Amora has embraced the idea of toys.


The hall is her safe and fun place.