About Patty

We used to have a guest room with a sewing machine in it. Then it was a craft room with a bed. Then there isn’t even a bed in it. It was filled with yarn, fabric, knitting and sewing machines, and books. And the guests were moved to the den/guest room.

In 1993, Patty took good advantage of being laid off of her job after ten years at Apple Computer, by using the time off to rediscover sewing and knitting and discover other crafts.

To support her habits, Patty consulted at Apple, then Adobe Systems, doing everything from program marketing to online customer service. At the same time she worked with Tom’s company, Merlin Media, Inc., providing database and project support, along with being their part-time office manager. Then she accepted a real job working full-time for Adobe.

Seven years later, the real job ended when Patty and Tom moved to Oregon, where there doesn’t seem to be enough time to read all the books, knit all the projects and sew all the things on Patty’s never-ending list. Ain’t retirement great?