Vintage TheHudsons

In 1995, Patty decided to learn something new and started It was a place to share pictures with those few friends who were “on the internet.” Over time it has evolved, but it’s still around with a new look. These are pages with pictures that may or may not be ported to shiny new gallery or into new pages. Maybe one day…

(Beware of some broken links.)

Here’s what you’ll find at TheHudsons

We’ve found some favorite photos we wanted to share with you.
All Family is a page of thumbnail images of Tom, Patty, and their families.
Tom & Patty consists of pictures of Tom & Patty over the past 14+ years.
Patty’s Family and Tom’s Family introduce some of our family members.
Misc Family Pics are other pictures of us and our family.
Tom Through the Years are pictures of Tom from age three to twenty-something.
Tom’s Birthdays are celebrations as Tom passes through his
Thanksgiving 1997 in Medford includes pictures of Tom’s family.

Of course there are pictures of dogs—
All Dogs has thumbnail images of all the dog pictures.
Puppy Pics are our “baby” pictures of Stanley and Rosie.
The Eyes proves that the dogs really know whose the boss.
Family Dogs are our parents’ dogs, present and past.
Meet Cody are the newest pictures of the newest dog.
Meet Annie has pictures of Patty’s mom’s dog.
More Dogs has dog pictures taken around Christmastime 1995.
Stan and Friends has pictures more pictures of Stanley.
1996 Pictures has pictures Cody and Rosie pictures from early 1996.
Hudson Dog Days of Summer are Rosie and Cody pictures from the summer of ’96.
New and Familiar Dog Faces introduce you to Girlfriend.
Cody Antics are as described.
More Dog Faces feature Rosie, Cody, and Carl.
Happy Dogs are dogs who are happy that the travellers are home and a picture of Girlfriend thrown in for good measures.
Sheepdogs at work are pictures from Scotland Border Collies demonstrating their stuff.
Resting Collie show that working dogs never really seem to rest.
Collie Pup is the first of two pages of very cute puppies at rest, play, and work.
Fall Dog recent pictures of our very photogenic dogs.
Doggie Friend are pictures of Girlfriend, and a new doggie friend, Olivia (and her human, Bob).
New Year Same Dog are New Year Rosie and Cody.
Silly Hudson Dog are Spring of Rosie and Cody.
Annie and Friends are from a trip to Phoenix in May 1998.
Creature Comforts feature Rosie and Cody making themselves comfortable.
Annie Visit features Annie the Yorkshire Terrier.
1999 Year of TheHudsons Dogs is a year of Cody and Mandy, with a few dog friends and acquaintances.

All Friends is a page of thumbnail images of some of our good friends.
More Pictures/More Friends has some recently found pictures.
Dinners with Friends from Tom’s birthday and dinner at home.
Patty and the Big 4-0 are pictures of friends and family who helped Patty celebrate a new decade.
A New Camera are family pictures taken with our new camera.

Other Stuff has thumbnail images of the pictures in—
Daddy’s Cars—a page of some of Patty’s father’s antique and classic cars.
About Karyn Francis Gray and her art is a gallery of Karyn’s art.
The Backyard shows what can be done with some determination and lots of dirt.
Ron Goulart is one of Tom’s favorite authors, whose third book in the Groucho Marx mystery series came out in October 1999.
Dog Bead Swap are pictures of the polymer clay dog beads made and exchanged by 16 polymer clay artisans, including Patty.
Charity Knitting are photos of projects a KnitList member knitted for Charity.
Diane Wat Design is a gallery of wearable art that Patty has “collected.
Trips we’ve taken UK Vacation Pics were taken in 1995 in Scotland.
Hawaii 1996 are pictures from the Big Island in May.
New York Visit 1996 chronicles Patty’s trip East.
Colorado 1996 consists of pictures of Patty’s high school classmates
East Coast 1997 touch on a visit to New York City and Cape Cod
New York Fall 1997 chronicles the sights, people and dogs on Patty’s second trip to NYC.
Phoenix 1996 are pictures from two vists with Patty’s mom in Sun City West, Arizona.
England Weekend 1998 tells about a quick trip we made to visit friends in England in March 1998.
Mom’s Day Weekend 1998 are from our visit with Patty’s mom in Phoenix.
A Week on Kaui’i are from our July 1999 visit to the Garden Isle of Hawai’i
New York 1999 are from Patty and Tom’s long weekend visit with Evelyn.
Christmas 1999 in Phoenix features Patty’s mom, dog and the dog park.