Meet Amora

We have been a dog-less for two years. But as of Wednesday that has changed.

Meet Amora

Amora was so sweet. She let us pick her up without fuss and too much nervous shaking.

\r\n\r\nShe came to us from Los Cabos, Mexico via Rescue Faerie, who work with the Los Cabos Humane Society to bring dogs (and cats) to Portland. Last week, I submitted an application for a pretty little tripod name Carmela, but was too late because her escort had bonded with her. Then I found Amora and big brother, Barry, on PetFinder and immediately sent an email to ask to meet them.

At first brother and sister came out of the crate to meet us, but then decided maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. Once they were coaxed out of the crate again (with treats and leashes), they ran around a bit. Neither approached. Barry kept his distance. Amora ventured out, but would always head to big brother’s protection. When Barry decided to take a nap, Amora wandered around and watched us warily.

And then she was officially ours.

She was the perfect passenger on the way home.

She’s a timid girl. The first evening was spent in the safety of her crate. And, to date, she hasn’t actually ventured out on her own power. Treats get her far enough out for me to hold on to her paws as I use her bed as a sled to get her out. Then she’s been hanging out with me in my office, or with both of us in the bonus room.

But she is taking proverbial (if not literal, yet) small steps.\r\n\r\nMornings she’s gone from being curled up facing the back of the crate to this morning when her cute little paws were hanging out of the opening

She’s had some real puppy moments—like pulling the puppy pad (dry) into her crate to shred; like crawling off her bed in my office enough to grab an errant ball of yarn to pull at; like finding a pad of Post-it notes near her bed to chew. Time to get some small toys for her to try out and begin to puppy-proof the house

Eventually, she’s going to get brave (and maybe bored) and take on the big old rooms. In the meantime, she quietly (or not so quietly) sleeps