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San Jose Trip Report

TheHudsons is all about pictures, and I have been neglecting it.  In the course of a month I received two emails with requests to “give up” TheHudsons.com domain. Coincidentally, both were photographers whose last name was (surprise!) Hudson.  “You haven’t updated your site in a long time…” So I am going to try to be more active here, as well as on Facebook because I’m also reminded that many of my friends do not do social media.  So here’s an update on the life and times of Patty, Tom and Jake.

Tom at In-N-Out

There was the obligatory stop at In-N-Out.

0429TomPattyTom and I recently returned from a quick trip to San Jose, where we ate our way through the two days and had a wonderful time because it was spent with old friends.


For somewhere around twenty-seven years, I’ve been baking a Pineapple Upside Down (PUD) cake for Bill Brown’s birthday.  For the past ten years it’s been one of my two carry-ons as I’ve headed south, so dinner is always part of our agenda. This year like last, Buzz Dean and Susan Marsal joined us at the PUD Delivery Dinner.

Tom and Ichun

The next morning we met up with Ichun Lin, one of Tom’s first employees at Merlin Media.

After lunch in Menlo Park with Alistair Woodman, we headed to the Rites of Spring in Portola Valley, where we were reluctant left early. We were anxious to get to Los Gatos to meet Sherry Leon, who takes full credit for our marriage. She persuaded Tom to teach a class he “didn’t have time for.” Ask Tom to tell you the full version of the story.

Sherry, Patty and Tom

Sherry, Patty and Tom




That was almost 33 years ago, folks.


Ted and Margie and Patty

The last meal of the trip was breakfast in Willow Glen with Ted and Margie Easter.


And I finally finished knitting Grisaille.

Patient Jake

And Jake waited patiently for our return.